Give Back


As a tribute to my mother Dee Dee Jackson, and honoring her everlasting imprint on the lives of so many, so many, my brothers Taj, Taryll, and I have launched the Dee Dee Jackson Foundation. A non-profit organization built around the giving spirit and legacy of our mother. With your help, we're helping children in need. The Dee Dee Jackson Foundation brings awareness, volunteers and donations to underfunded, under-served youth programs everywhere.

The Dee Dee Jackson Foundation (DDJF) is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization that shines a light on loss and grief and how it impacts our lives in negative ways, especially for children. We are here to provide hope, resources and a community so no child feels alone in their grief.

Power of Love

The give back song and EP "Power of Love" is available on Amazon and iTunes! Proceeds of the song will be donated to the Dee Dee Jackson Foundation. 

Dee Dee Jackson

My brothers and I with our mom Dee Dee Jackson.